New York trip — November 2014

I stayed in New York for 3 days ( it should be 4 days, but very first leg of my flight itinerary was delayed for 6 hours, so I missed my flight and had to stay in Moscow for a night.

At NYC I stayed in the Hell's Kitchen, a block away from Times Square, and that did not cost me a fortune. In fact I spent less than some decent hotel charges for a night in this area. This all was possible because of AirBnB which I now try to use first for all my travel needs.

I landed in JFK, "played" a human centipede game at the Passport Control at the port of entry and went to subway. Some of the people were dressed very funny. Later I discovered that I managed to get to NYC at Heloween night.

Heloween on Times Square 1

Heloween on Times Square 2 Next day was my 5K run. Actually I decided not to run, as my knee was hurtig too much, but when I got there, I decided to run anyway. In jeans, rainjacket and with Canon dslr (read 3Kg dumbbell) in my hand. I still managed to finish it in 30 minutes :)

Pic of me at the finish

The 2nd of November is a big day in NY. This is the day of a marathon. They say, there are something like 50 thousand participants and you have to be lucky to get a spot and run your 42195 meters.