November 2014 — NYC Trip and MVP Summit

November 2014 was a very busy month in terms of events. I took a part in New York City Run and ran 5K trough the streets of NY, starting at the UN headquarters and finished at the Central Park. I had no running shoes, just bib in my camera bag, but, nevertheles I decided to run. I do not know why, maybe the atmosphere was very motivating.

Picture of the crowd at the NYRR event

On November 2nd, I participated in NYC Marathon [as a spectator] and got enourmous amount of motivation. I cheered runners by clapping so hard, my palms were hurting.

Picture of NYC Marathong runners, soon to be winners

The same day I took a flight to Seattle to attend the MVP Summit taking place in Bellevue and Redmond.

As usual, the agenda was very very extensive and it's never an easy to task when it comes to picking up sessions as there were several sessions running at the same time.

Below you can see the only photo I think I can show in a public place :)

Picture of a session

Besides the sessions there were plenty of evening evens so MVP could communicate with each other, or just have some nice food and few drinks. Together with my roomate Alex, we had a dinner at some posh steak house and loved the view and the meat (not loved the bill, but that's just an expense, the rest is an experience).

Everything comes to an end at some point, so did the MVP Summit and it was time to get home. That the moment when you recall you have a camera in your bag and start taking pictures. Here are some of mine:

 Pics of Seattle 1  Pics of Seattle 2  Pics of Seattle 3  Pics of Seattle 4 - The very first Startbucks shop