Ghost 0.4.2 is out

This is a good news indeed! The upgade process was really straightforward: backup db (simple json export!), update code, git commit, merge theme changes, git commit, restart Azure web site. I upgraded my instance because this release has two major changes, I was missing a lot:

  • Tags browsing
  • Mobile content editing

Woohoo! So, tags are now linked and I can access my posts in a more convenient manner. For example, here are all my posts in Russian.

The other feature of Ghost 0.4.2 is ability to use the backend editor on iPad. Before this release I was less than useful! There is no official app and the only application I could find on the iOS appstore was application CasperHQ, which I purchased just to find out it does not work at all. Maybe it's tailored to work with only and does not support privately hosted instances, but nevertheless, this is the first application I asked Apple for a refund.

Have a nice day!