Under the hood

Since the day one, this blog has been runing on wonderful Wordpress platform. I was witnessing how it evolves from just a blog engine to modern CMS system. The number of plugins and themes that you can use is enormous, but I am sure I do not need all this, but what I need is just plain text editor with as less bloat as possible.

So, eventualy, I clicked on a "Proudly published with Ghost" link at someone's blog and ended up at http://ghost.org and started looking around...

Ghost blog platform

Ghost is a NodeJs application which one can host herself or use a hosted solution provider. Currently, the application provides very basic functionality and does not have all the features one might expect from it, but those essential ones are already in there.

Current release is 0.4 [look, it's not even an 1.x release!] and here you can find the roadmap and the list of planned features.

I cloned their Git repository and the latest version already has support for tags as outlined in the roadmap, which is nice!

Hosting Ghost

I used to host my Wordpress blog on Amazon EC2 instance, but with Ghost I decided to try Windows Azure.
I am glad Microsoft recognizes and supports NodeJs and I have to say that deploying the site was a no brainer and it took few minutes! Here's an article @Hansellman's blog to get you going — How To Install The Nodejs Ghost Blogging Software On Azure Websites

Just installing a blog engine is not enough as I needed to migrate content from Wordspress to the new blog application. I will make a separate blog post on this topic as I have encountered some gotchas on my way, so please stay tuned!