Long time no talk

It's been almost 3 years since I posted anything here. All this time I was updating twitter and facebook, so content creation has not stopped, but changed its way. So, why would I ever keep this blog running and come here and write this?

Well, what I started realizing recently is that we document our lives by putting status updates on Facebook and those updates now belong to them and they will keep them as long as it makes any sense for them and they deem keeping it up profitable. Them, them, them and they...

Having this blog running since 2008 trough 2011, I recently found my own post via google dated back 2009 and was amazed how cool is it to recall something that you had completely forgot. Or find some of the stupidiest ideas that seemed very brilliant to me at that time.

So, I am planning to start writing down my thoughts and ideas here just for sake of re-reading them some time later, and since it is my own site hosted on my owm I can be sure that the data is here to stay as long as I need.