Bluetooth headset and Skype

Last month I bought nice and lightweight, buy yet really long-running on one full charge, Bluetooth stereo headset Plantronics Backbeat 903+. This was plain impulse buy, but things ruled out pretty nice about the quality of sound and wearing comfort (I really can wear it all day long), except one misfortune – the headset was not doing well with Skype.

The other party I was talking too always asked me to repeat, they did not hear me well. Moreover, every time I was getting away from my laptop for more than 10 meters the connection would break and Windows would throw the following message:

Error: Bluetooth stack com server has stopped working

The above error was what I was seeing too often, often enough to give up on using this headset’s mic – I resorted to internal  microphone, and that seemed okay until I discovered that BtStackProcess.exe was eating up over 300+ megs of RAM and draining too much of processor time “doing its laundry”.

I promptly went googling and discovered on Skype developer forums this topic: My bluetooth headset crashes after a skype call is hung up.

Despite the fact that the topic was discussing v4 issues, the solution offered by tropicana did help me to overcome mine. It turned out that you do not need to use BtStackProcess.exe and BluetoothHeadSetProxy.exe at all, the OS should take care of the plumbing.

Tools > Options > Advanced > Manage other programs' access to Skype

Set Not allowed to use Skype to both Broadcom plugins.

Happy skyping!