Mac App Sore — my experience

Mac, App, Sore...

Yes, I do a lot of typos here and there, in English and in Russian, but it is not a typo, not a misprint. It has been spelled correctly this time, it is a real sore.

I own [now] old iPhone 3G and its App Store is what allows me to rediscover my phone once again with almost every new app that I download from it. It has become kind of a ritual. I do check App Store charts regularly in order to find out what the universe of iOS users thinks is worth spending time and money on. Sometimes it brings truly amazing apps, so amazing and addictive I would spend days fiddling with it. I am sure when some great apps get published on the App Store some government agencies get less revenue than they would get if those iOS users kept on doing their taxable duties instead.

Since the first day the Mac App Store went online, I downloaded 14 apps, spent US$135 and countless hours browsing, trying out and using my new apps. And the whole process of using the App Store is very nice and the experience is much like the same as with the iOS App Store. It is just one click*. And the "Top Charts" are there to ease buyers decision making.


So, why a sore after all?

Having experienced the same cozy feelings as with iOS App Store and in order to protect my family budget I think I will need to find and uniformly attend some MAS Shopaholics Anonymous meetings. :)

Concluding all this, I would say that there are many methods to separate fool from his money. And when you employ either of them, it does matter how you execute it. Apple seems to be doing pretty well at this.

* Yes, it does ask you for your store account password, once per session.
You my buy several apps in a strike, but the password will be asked only once.