Simplify Windows Service development with Topshelf

I accidentally discovered there is a Topshelf project which helps building Windows services. Here is the official way of doing this, by the way. Just yesterday »

CEE MVP Open Days 2014 Review

Hello, I am back home from CEE MVP Open Days 2014. I took my camera with me and here is a photo review of the event. »

Review of NDepend 5 Professional

WARNING 34 megabytes of animated GIF screencaps ahead!! WARNING Disclaimer: More than a year ago I received a MVP Pro license from NDepend team, and they » 403 error with ServiceStack

Just a quick note on request which fails with 403 Forbidden error when served with ServiceStack host. First of all, the above »

Importance of goal checking

Interesting video showing how people blind walk to a certain point and cannot make it. Just like in the video above, in our evryday life we »

Sorting algorithm visualization

Last evening I tried to explain my 13 y.o. daughter what is an algorithm. She seen some basic stuff at already and had »

nuget.config - Specify ‘packages’ Folder Location

Unfortunately, the official way to specify 'packages' folder location never worked for me. Every time I copy and paste the official snippet, it just does not »